our story:

I am Seaopatra, the queen of my watery empire.
Vacations bring out the exotic empress in me, as I pace leisurely in the sun, down to the waterside.
My realm is sunny and relaxed. And it has no borders. I preside over the sea and the pool, down on the shore or high above the waves on a cruise.
I am Seaopatra, carefree and worshiped by men and women alike. As I saunter across the sand or the deck, all eyes are on me.
And it’s no surprise.
Because this is where I rule.
Now bow.

The collection:

Seopatra presents a collection full of gorgeous loose-fitting dresses, flimsy wrap-around, vintage looks, and an assortment of accessories from bags to hats and other holiday essentials.
Seaopatra women feel comfortable at the poolside of 5-star hotels, seaside lounges, and the decks of luxurious cruise ships.
Colors are inspired by the sea and sand, with waves of blue and white, red and earth tones. Materials are natural and gentle, washed cotton, handmade stitching, and lavish prints, all decorated with an abundance of trimmings from around the seaside kingdom – polished shells, pearls, gold and silver, shiny colorful beads, tassels, and stunning embroidery.