Zoey and you will James got good matchmaking and not argued

Zoey and you will James got good matchmaking and not argued

Whenever Zoey try open to check out The united kingdomt together with her parents, visitors had heard about it except Chase and then he envision she had went as opposed to talking-to your basic, and you will is upset. Zoey chooses to go right after which leaves, whenever Michael happen to leftover the brand new webcam linked to Zoey’s pc within the The united kingdomt for the, she overheard Chase conversing with Logan and you may Michael precisely how he is during like that have Zoey hence they have held it’s place in love together with her once the minute he very first put eyes for the their, she later on decides to go back to PCA to be that have Pursue but it turns out Chase had opted so you’re able to The united kingdomt are together and you will shows you which he dont go back to PCA up to the guy complete an entire session when you look at the The united kingdomt. As he is fully gone Zoey schedules James Garrett, Logan and Michael’s this new roommate. After they separation, Pursue efficiency and he and you will Zoey show a hug and sit-in the prom together because the a couple of.

James Garrett (Close friend/Ex-Boyfriend)

James became Michael and you can Logan’s brand new roomie immediately following Pursue remaining, following turned Zoey’s the date, it dated regarding attacks Rumor from Want to Chasing Zoey. The couple attempted to features a romantic restaurants in the Vacarros, once thinking not one person otherwise into the PCA you will pay for they however, it had wrecked of the remaining group. But and then make right up for it, all of those other gang arranged so they can provides a quiet food on PCA volleyball legal. When you look at the Chasing Zoey, James provided Zoey a great necklace claiming he wants her, but Zoey wound-up splitting up which have him as she loved Pursue more she enjoyed your. However, they commit to will still be family.

Quinn Pensky (Closest friend)

Zoey and Quinn became family during the The brand new Roomies, where Zoey temporarily resided having Quinn just after Zoey began arguing that have the girl roommates. Quinn happily did multiple medical studies on her behalf, to help you Zoey’s dismay. After Zoey grew sick and tired of that it, ashley madison online she sought for to maneuver from Quinn’s space but experienced bad as she don’t want to hurt Quinn’s thinking (regardless if Quinn ironically planned to perform the exact same on account of Zoey’s resistance in being part of Quinn’s experiments).

Because collection evolved, Zoey and you may Quinn slowly expanded nearer together. Regarding 12 months 2 prime, Quinn motions into area next-door in order to Zoey, Nicole, and you can Lola’s space, that’s so excited one she installs an enthusiastic HDTV to the one another bedroom so they can videos talk with its tend to. During the Robot Wars, immediately after Logan calls Quinn a beneficial dork trailing the girl back and folk jokes – Zoey included. Zoey ‘s the very first one to keep in touch with Quinn and you can apologizes. Quinn are amazed observe the group, especially Zoey laughed at Logan’s review which she thought that Zoey was the girl pal. Finally of your event, Zoey also everyone constructed and you can Quinn forgives them.

Of the season step three, Zoey and you can Quinn end up being roommates and best friends, whether or not to start with Zoey and you can Lola is reluctant to assist Quinn room using them. Into the Amaze, Quinn is persistent with the getting Zoey to uncover that Pursue is crazy about Zoey. In the Chase’s Girlfriend, Quinn immediately began to dislike the woman (most likely if you are why you to Zoey and you can Pursue aren’t when you look at the a romantic relationship). Just after hearing you to definitely Rebecca endangered Zoey, Quinn got into the out of this lady Quinnventions and you can told you “I will be back into 10 minutes”. Regarding the sequel event Zoey’s Balloon, shortly after watching Zoey wear a good banana match, Quinn requires their as to the reasons she actually is clothed as a result, but Zoey doesn’t want to resolve. Quinn expresses to help you Zoey you to definitely because they’re roommates, Zoey should be able to confide in her anything. Shortly after Zoey confesses one to Zoey will be blackmailed, Quinn remains up for hours inside their room to obtain the offender, and you will would go to higher lengths that have Lola to end Firewire and you will Rebecca, that happen to be individuals responsible for Zoey’s problem.

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